Oh WOW Wallpaper Fans, let Me first start off this week by Welcoming the 3,000 plus New Visitors to My Blog that may have found it last week because of My Blog being featured on the Home Page of "Best Male Blogs" all last week in the top 7 Male Rated Blogs, that is if you have returned and Your enjoying what Oh so many other of My Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies have been enjoying for the last six months.  I tire my best to keep things somewhat mixed up from week to week with a different Wallpaper Collection theme for ALL of You to enjoy each week and with almost 2 million downloads now and being in the top 7 Best Male Blogs, and while I'm only guessing, I'm guessing that I'm doing a pretty good job for so Many Of YOU???  With that said, here is one of My most personal favorite Wallpaper Collections for you this week and I'm hoping it will be Yours also.....and now....
My "All In The Eyes" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)
...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)
With Wallpaper Hugs To All of YOU....
Your Wallpaper Buddy in California, USA Always
()()()( Brent )()()()
PS: So Glad to see that so many of YOU Enjoyed My "Recap" Collage Wallpapers last week of the the top (3) downloaded Collections for the Quarter and Over All from My Blog, they were downloaded as mush as My "Abstract II" Collection!  I Will be doing another recap for All of You the first part of July for the 2nd Quarter of 2010!