Ok Wallpaper Fans and All My Blog Buddies, this week's Wallpaper Collection is somewhat different from anything that I have shared with you so far, in fact it is nothing like what I have shared with you so far, so let me try to explain to you why it was even created in the first place. You see, one of the Yahoo Groups that I belong to, "Wallpapers-Hunkz", supplied all the artist within this Group with a packet of (15) 3D Angels asking each artist to create a Wallpaper using any of and/or all of the 3D Angels in a Angel Wallpaper and then submit it to the Group for a contest that they are having the 1st part of February to see who could come up with the best Angel Wallpaper?   So me, being me, I took on the challenge and I would just like to say, I did get somewhat carried away, so if you are into Angel Wallpapers, well it is with the greatest of hopes that you might enjoy some of these, and if you are like me and Angel Wallpapers, well if they are not your cup of tea, well I'm hoping you might still like some of what I feel are some awesome backgrounds that I was able to came up with for this Collection that they still my find their way to your Desktop. With all this said, I'm proud to present to you.... My "Angel" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)
..(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)
From Your Wallpaper Buddy in California, USA ()( Brent )()
That was happy to be part of Wallpapers-Hunkz Angel Challenge and able to share it with You here on My Blog!!!
PS: And while it was so hard for me to come up with which one of these nine to enter into the contest, it was with help of friends and family, Angel #1 turned out to be my entire to the contest, and while the voting doesn't end till February 15th, I will let you all know if it was a winner or not after the voting is over!  For after all, All the entries are so GREAT, so I don't know if mine even as a chance or not, but I wanted to share it with you along with the entire Collection that I was able to create just show you another side of My Wallpaper Work that is totally different from what I have shared with you in the past!
With Wallpaper Hugs, Brent