Hay Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, When was the last time You have done a complete backup of your computer?  The only reason why I'm asking is, well you see I have some Bad News and I have some Great News for all of You.  First the Bad News, I had a complete system failure this last week and lost everything on my main hard drive!!!  All My Programs and all My Wallpapers that I had created for YOU that I was planning on posting here over the next OH so many months, ALL GONE!!!  Now for the Great News and that is that I had a complete backup on another hard drive that was only about 15 days old of My Main Hard Drive, so I was able to do a complete new install of all programs and all my data files and I'm back up and running greater and better than every and YES,  I was able to recover all My Wallpapers that I had created for You and Me!     With all this said, I'm so happy to present to you this week....
My Recovered “Bath Robe” Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)
...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)
Your Wallpaper Buddy once again in Sunny California, USA
That Is So Thankful For My Backups!!!
()()( Brent )()()
PS: After you downloaded some of these Hot Wallpapers this week, may I suggest to you, that you do a complete backup of Your Computer!  For You just never know when it is not going to be working like it is right NOW!  Just a thought for You, My Wallpaper Buddies....