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by brentsmalewallpapers on Oct.02, 2009, under Great Desktop Tips, Desktop Tip

Hay Fellow Wallpaper Fans,

Do you remember when you first got your New Computer and your Desktop looked something like this….

Then shortly after that you started installing more and more programs and your Desktop started to look something like this….

And then you found some really hot Wallpaper’s that may have looked something like this….

But really couldn’t see them because of all your Desktop Icons?
Well I would like to share with you a great Desktop tip, just in case you haven't already heard about it, that will allow YOU to be able to see ALL of the Desktop Wallpapers that you might be enjoying, and hopefully, some of them are mine...((((Big Smile))))...without ANY Desktop Icons on your Desktop blocking your view, but yet, you still have all of them at your access with just one mouse move or a click of your mouse!

That's right, no ICONS on your Desktop, till you move your mouse or you click your mouse with this ever, oh so sweet, light weight, and best of all, "Free" Desktop Utility Program called "Iconoid". I have downloaded it and installed it and I have scanned it for Spyware and Adware and none were to be found, so I'm using it and I'm loving it, and I think you will also.

The first thing that I oh so enjoyed about this Desktop Utility Program was when I'm on my Desktop and if my mouse becomes idle for a few seconds, then all of a sudden all your Desktop Icons just DIS-APPEAR, letting me see ALL of my Wallpaper with no Icons blocking my view at all!  But as soon as I move my mouse, then all the Icons RE-APPEAR. And if you want you lower bottom task bar to disappear also, their is a setting for that as well as your cursor also, then you have a COMPLETE FULL MONITOR view of you favorite Wallpaper.

The other sweet thing this program does is that it can line-up ALL your Icons either to the Right, to the Left, to the Top, to the Bottom or ALL AROUND THE OUTER SIDES, with just a click of a button!!! This is great depending on what your current Wallpaper you may have.

And for those of you that may toggle between different screen resolutions, like I do, this program remembers the Icon placement of each Icon for each of your different screen resolution that you might be using.

And for those of you that have a Wide Screen Monitor, this Utility Program handles your needs when a Wallpaper is not the size that fits your Monitor by Auto Matching a color that best borders the smaller Wallpaper for your Monitor or you can be set it to any color that you would like, such as black.

So as you can see, I'm really impressed with this program and all that it can do and I was just wanting to share it with all of you!

The link to check it out and download it if you like what you

Hoping you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Your Wallpaper Buddy In California
That Just Thought You Might Like To Know About This One!
()()( Brent )()()

Antalog Clock Program

by brentsmalewallpapers on Oct.02, 2009, under Antalog Clock Program, Great Desktop Tips

I have designed several Wallpapers that support an actual running analog clock on your desktop. (Please Refer To Analog Clock Wallpapers Posting). Now I have searched and searched the Net and I have tried many different analog clock programs for my Wallpapers, but I finally chose "Custom Skin Clock" by "" because for One, it's a free lead-in program to their Pro Clock Version and it is free of spyware and adware. Two, it is totally customizable, for you can load any image file into the Clock to have it be displayed on the face of the Clock, with zoom in and zoom out and pan up/down to the right or left of the image capability. Three, the 3D outer ring of the Clock can be any color that you would like it to be and the hour hand, minute hand and second hand can each be any color that you would like them to be. Four, it is totally sizable and you can set the opacity of the Clock on your Desktop from 10% to 100%.  And last of all, the number's on the face of the Clock can be changed by the font style, font size and font color. And to see for yourself what I'm talking about, their web site is….

And scroll down to the very bottom of their "Product" Page, till you see "Custom Skin Clock". You then can download this Clock program by clicking on the (Download Now (1.25 Mb)).

And the other Great thing about this Clock Program is that it can be ran on ANY Wallpaper with a photo or with out a photo loaded into the clock. The following is your basic beach Wallpaper with no photo, all I have done here is load the Wallpaper it's self into the Clock Program and then zoomed into the area in which I wanted to place the Clock and then the Clock face looks transparent on the Wallpaper and it shows me the current time each time I return to My Desktop, as shown here.....

Here is another example of how the Clock can look transparent; this is one of My “Men About Town” Wallpapers…..

All I did here was to zoom all the way in on the top of the Empire State building and then moved the clock around till everything lined up.

So has you can plainly see, this clock program has endless possibilities and can be used on Any Wallpaper, not just on the ones that I have created for it. Pretty NEET, Right? Well at least I think so.
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