Hey Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, I'm so happy to announce to You that the "Iconoid" program that automatically hides desktop icons when you don't need to see them so You can see all of the Wallpaper that is on Your Desktop and then shows them to You when You do need to see them is now available for the operating system of Windows 7.  I personally have been running this program under XP now for over a year and I love it.  So if You enjoy Your Desktop Wallpapers as much as I do, whether they are mine or not, this is a MUST HAVE PROGRAM to have on your computer!  And for All My Wide Screen Fans, Well this is For SURE A MUST HAVE PROGRAM For YOU, for it will automatically mats smaller wallpapers that do not fit on your wide screen with a complimentary format color making the smaller Wallpapers still look great on Your Wide Screen Monitor for those Artist that are still just creating Wallpapers in the standard size!!!  For more information about this Great Lite Weight Program that runs in the background that just does so many wonderful things for Your Desktop, then please check out My Desktop Tip Posting back when I started My Blog back in October, 2009!

With that said, I happy to present to You this week....

My "Guys That Could Ring My Bell"  Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)

...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)

With Wallpaper Hugs To All of YOU....
Your Wallpaper Buddy in California, USA Always 
()()()( Brent )()()() 

PS: Please be advised that in the event this current Wallpaper Blog get's shut down again, like My Original Blog, I already have a backup Wallpaper Blog in place for You!  All YOU have to do is just change the (2) to a (3) in my current Blog Address so it looks like this: brentsmalewallpapers3.blogspot.com and you will get to My Next Replacement Blog with all the Wallpapers that you are seeing here and You will not miss one of My Wallpaper Posting. OK? Ok!...I'm Learning Guyz.....Plus, if that fails and I get totally shut down by Google, I now have up an running, while not as nice, but at least all My Wallpapers are there, My Twin Brother Blog with another service and that blog link is: http://brentsmalewallpapers.nibblebit.com/, Please make note of this just encase!!!