Hey Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, well I had another good week last week and it all started like the week before when I received another great email from one of my original Blog Buddies by the name of Tom that wrote.....

Brent, I have been to Neuschwanstein Castle at least 10 times and never have I seen it displayed so beautifully.  And the lighthouse man with the green shirt and the arch monument are also my favorites.  Keep up the wonderful work.  Your friend, Tom 

And there were many more e-mails all saying about the same, thanks Guys for all the great mail last week.  And this week's collection is by request from a New Wallpaper Fan that just found My Blog and after seeing my posting of My "Big Boy" collection,  He said that there are also some great looking studs that come in "smaller" packages and that he would like to have some wallpapers of shorter studs.  Well Jim, I'm 6' 4" and I really never gave that much thought about this, but I went to work on your request and I happy to present to You and all My Wallpaper Fans for this week....

My "It's A Small World After All" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)

...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)

Hoping this is what you wishing to to see Jim and hoping that all My Wallpaper Fans may also enjoy Your request on their Desktop's!
With Wallpaper Hugs To All of YOU....
Your Wallpaper Buddy in California, USA Always 
()()()( Brent )()()()

PS: Please be advised that in the event this current Wallpaper Blog get's shut down again, like My Original Blog that had over 143,000 hits along with 83 followers, I already have a backup Wallpaper Blog in place for You!  ; All YOU have to do is just change the (2) to a (3) in my current Blog Address so it looks like this: brentsmalewallpapers3.blogspot.com and you will get to My Next Replacement Blog with all the Wallpapers that you are seeing here and You will not miss one of My Wallpaper Posting. OK? Ok!...I'm Learning Guyz.....Plus, if that fails and I get totally shut down by Google, I now have up and running, while not as nice, but at least all My Wallpapers are there, My Twin Brother Blog with another service and that blog link is: http://brentsmalewallpapers.nibblebit.com/, Please make note of this just encase!!