Hey Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, most of you know by now that I'm not the biggest fan of any Holiday Desktop Wallpapers through out the year, mainly because they can only be used for such a short period of time and not year round.  However when it comes to Christmas, well that is somewhat a different story for me for a couple of reasons.  For one, well it is simply the most favorite Holiday of the Year for me mainly because my birthday is within December and for two, well so many of you enjoy having some Holiday Cheer on your desktop(s) like John D from Michigan said just last year after My Posting of "Winter Wonderland II" that said...     Dear Brent, another holiday, and you regal us with such male pulchritude.  Many of these wall papers will find themselves on my computer screen during the month of December.  You cannot imagine how I look forward to your posts. Thank you for keeping me on your mail list.  I really enjoy the men and backgrounds, and situations, you put these men in.  Your service to men like me, is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, John D     And this e-mail just received last month from R. Woodward that said... Hi Brent:  I love this months wallpapers.  My favorite is the black and white photo of the hairy cowboy... Very Nice indeed!!!  I hope all is well with you and your partner. Also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving in advance..   I look forward to next months.  I hope you make me a wallpaper of a very hairy Santa's helper!!  Lol R.Woodward And so many more and way too many to share, but I'm hoping you realize that your e-mails are important to me, for they help me decide on what not only what to create next, but also to what to post next here on this Blog. And most of all, those of YOU with special requests, well those e-mails I love the BEST and I will always do my best to honor ALL of them!!!  And with this said, I'm happy to present to you this HOLIDAY SEASON....

My "Winter, That Magical Time Of The Year" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)
...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)
PS: Hoping this posting makes John D in Michigan and R. Woodward in California happy, along with All My Wallpaper Fans and Blogger Buddies through out the world and that all of you find something to your liking!!! Happy Holidays To ALL     PS2:  And if by chance you are even wanting more, well here is what was shared in the Month of November... With All My Auto Wall Users from around the world on My Auto Wall Blog which is NOW at over 6,000 and this Other Little Blog of mine has now received just over 39,000 Hits!!!  So hoping you find something to your liking here also!     Your Wallpaper Buddy Always With Big Holiday Wallpaper Hugs For You ()()( Brent )()()