WOW Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, I'm so glad to see that My New Blog is still up and running and last week it had received the most blog hits every single day since I started My Blog last October with on average of 2,000 Hits a DAY!  Just goes to show You that every "Black Cloud" does have a "Silver Lining"!!!....((((Big, Big Smile)))).   I'm just so glad to see that so many of You were able to find My New Replacement Blog after My Original Blog got shut down.  And I'm also glad to report to You that Me and My Better Half totally enjoyed our couple of days of total R & R with each other, for I was so in need of some time off and away from all this for a few days!!!
So with that said, as I promised all of You three Weeks ago before My Blog got shut down when I posted My " Let's Get Physical" Collection that I would be posting in the future more "Action" Wallpaper Collections, rather than just "Solo" Stud Collections, Well I got so many e-mails of "Thanks" like this one from Mike that wrote in part......
"All of your wallpapers are exceptional and I really enjoy them!  But your "Let's Get Physical" collection is really hot!  You rang the bell this time, baby!  ;-)  Thank you for all you do. Your dedication, efforts, and devotion to your fans is truly appreciated!!!
Big Hugs,
Mike in Nashua, NH - the other side of the joint.  :-)"
And Mike included this cartoon that I really enjoyed and I wanted to share it with all of You also.....

So for Mike and All the rest of You that wanted some more "Action" Wallpapers, I'm happy to present to You, along with All this rest of You this week....
My "With A Little Help" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)

...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)

And while the following Video as absolutely NOTHING TO DO with the Subject Matter of My Blog, it DOES HAVE EVERYTHING TO DO with YOU, My Wallpaper Fan and/or Blog Buddy, and Me, FOR it says what I would like to say to ALL OF YOU far, far better than I ever, ever could by trying to put into words on this Blog.....

You Will Always Have A Friend "Here"!!!!
Your Wallpaper Buddy and Friend in California, USA
That Is So Thankful For All Your Love And Support, THANKS
()()()( Brent )()()()
And if You liked this sand painter Artiest's work, has much as I do, then you might like to check out this artist Web Site and see more Sand Art Videos, plus learn more about the Artiest....and if so, click (Hear
PS: Also Please be advised that in the event this current Wallpaper Blog get's shut down again, like My Original Blog, I already have a backup Wallpaper Blog in place for You!  All YOU have to do is just change the (2) to a (3) in my current Blog Address so it looks like this: and you will get to My Next Replacement Blog with all the Wallpapers that you are seeing here and You will not miss one of My Wallpaper Posting. OK? Ok!...I'm Learning Guyz.....Plus, if that fails and I get totally shut down by Google, I now have up an running, while not as nice, but at least all My Wallpapers are there, My Twin Brother Blog with another service and that blog link is:, Please make note of this just encase!!!
Blog Up-Date 6/28 11:24PM PST  It appears that the entire Nibblebit Blog Network has been completely shut down for the last 24 hours, not just My Twin Brother Blog.  I have no news of way but this applies to ALL BLOGS with an ending address of ""!!!  Just thought you would like to know.
Blog Up-Date 6/30 11:39PM PST  I'm happy to report to ALL OF YOU THAT NIBBLEBIT BLOG NETWORK is back up and RUNNING!