Hey Wallpaper Fans and Blog Buddies, well let Me first admit to All of You that each time I get into a somewhat of a depressing mood and start thinking about closing down my Photo Editor's and stop creating what I have been enjoying doing and share with all of You for almost over the last three years now, You Guys never seize to amaze me by either a big surge in Blog Traffic to My Blog with a whole bunch of Votes on one of My Collections for "Right On Brent" and/or Your Posting of a most wonderful Comment on one of the Yahoo Groups I share My Walls With for All To See, and/or a Comment Here for All To See, and/or You have sent me a personal e-mail, the BEST OF ALL, like this e-mail from Eliot that read in part...
Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the wallpapers you create. The vistas are vivid, vibrant and it's easy to imagine oneself in them. Of course, you always put some handsome men in them, creating fantasy inspiring visions. I was raised to express appreciation to those who give me pleasure and you meet that criteria in spades.
Again, much thanks! Eliot

Well Eliot, I Thank You OH SO, SO MUCH!!! For Your e-mail got me out of one of My depressing moods and back on track of what I enjoy doing for not only You, But Also For All Of My Blog Fans and it is with great hopes that what I have created this time not only for You, but also for All Of My Blog Fans that is something that All Of You May Enjoy, as much as I do!!! For this is a Collection that I have personally been wanting to have not only on My Own Desktop for a long, long time and just have found a great souse to let Me create it, not only for Me, but also for YOU!!! Hoping You Enjoy!!! And with all this said....

My "With Or Without" Collection...(Either in 1024 x 768 Format Size)

...(Or In 1920 x 1200 Format Size)
Your Wallpaper Buddy Always, Here in California USA
With Love And Wallpaper Hugs To You
()()( Brent )()()

PS: And just encase this Blog should ever get Closed By Google, My Replacement Blogs Are: Brent's Male Wallpapers III (Now A Private Blog), My Nibblebit Blog and My Best Male Diaries Blog. Please make a Note of this just encase something should ever happen to this Blog! Also Please Note and do not request to be added to "Brent's Male Wallpaper III", for it is identical to this Blog and it's solo purpose is in the event this Blog is Closed By Google, I will just make it a public Blog and continue on!!! Thanks